Introducing the Hummingbird Effect Collection

Daughters for Earth Announces $1 Million in Grants Towards Women-Led Climate Solutions and Invites Other Women to Join through the launch of The Hummingbird Effect

Daughters for Earth, a fund and a movement dedicated to supporting and celebrating women-led climate actions, believes that the biggest challenge facing humanity cannot be solved without the full inclusion of women in addressing the dual crisis of climate change and biodiversity loss. 

The organization is excited to announce $1 million dollars in grants to 43 women-led climate actions groups across 24 countries. Simultaneously, Daughters for Earth is also launching The Hummingbird Effecta campaign anchored in celebrating women’s leaderships in climate actions through graphic novels that includes an explanation of the science behind their actions and tips for every daughter to join the movement and be part of protection and restoration of Earth.  

This significant grant, decided by The Wise Daughters Council, a diverse committee of women leaders, demonstrates Daughters for Earth’s commitment to democratizing philanthropy. “Just because we have access to funds, does not mean we have the best knowledge on how best to give it and to whom. Here at Daughters For Earth we trust the wisdom and the expertise of indigenous women, youth leaders, conservationists, and scientists who dedicated their lives to climate solutions and the protection of biodiversity to be the philanthropic decision makers on how best to increase funding and support to women-led climate actions,” said Zainab Salbi, Co-Founder of Daughters for Earth.

Recognizing the positive impact of mobilizing women globally, The Hummingbird Effect was inspired by the African fable, I Will Be a Hummingbird by Wangari Maathai. The campaign has many engaging elements including the launch of the graphic novel series, a puzzle, fine jewelry in collaboration with Surya and the Moon, and an interactive avatar on Registering on the non-profit’s site grants free access to the new graphic novel series that can be used as a source of inspiration and tools for learning about science based solutions in simple ways.  

Participating in the movement, Jiggy Puzzles offers a 500-piece #TheHummingbirdEffect Puzzle featuring artwork by Daughters for Earth's graphic novel cover artist, Farah Brightart, priced at $40 with proceeds supporting the cause. 

Daughters for Earth also partnered with Surya and the Moon, a fine jewelry brand founded by Sneha Calarese and Keri Clavin. Together with Jaipur-based artisans, they've crafted a limited edition 18k gold collection inspired by hummingbirds. It includes a single gold stud, enamel earrings with white sapphires, and a hand-painted medallion with blue sapphires. Fifty percent of proceeds benefit Daughters for Earth, exclusively at Greenwich St. Jewelers and

By continuing to champion women’s pivotal role in climate actions, the nonprofit has expanded their impact globally to funding projects in additional countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Indonesia, Nigeria, Suriname, Philippines, and Vietnam along with Ecuador, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, the US, the UK and many more.  


About Daughters for Earth: 

Daughters For Earth is a fund and a movement that is focused on funding and celebrating women-led efforts to protect and preserve the earth and provide tools to mobilize women worldwide to be part of climate actions. The approach is supported by scientific research spearheaded by Daughters for Earth’s partner, One Earth. 

Since its inception in March 2022, Daughters for Earth has already funded 103 women-led climate actions with a particular focus on preservation of land and water, protection of wild animals and regenerative agriculture.