For The Birds

Daughters for Earth is collaborating with Surya and the Moon on a line of hummingbird-themed jewelry to bolster climate change activism.



Since 2022, Daughters for Earth, L.A.-based nonprofit that funds female-driven initiatives to combat climate change, has disbursed $2.4 million to 103 women-led projects furthering nature-based climate solutions in over 30 countries.

Co-founded by Zainab Salbi, Daughters for Earth has now launched the Hummingbird Effect, a campaign to celebrate women-led grassroots movements working to protect Mother Earth. 

To amplify said campaign, Daughters for Earth has partnered with Sneha Calarese and Keri Clavin, co-founders of jewelry and watch line Surya and the Moon (, to create the Hummingbird Effect collection. A portion of sales for each of the three 18K-gold pieces of jewelry will support Daughters for Earth.

"Inspired by the remarkable qualities of hummingbirds, our collection seeks to capture their beauty, agility and perpetual motion," say Calarese and Clavin. "Aiming to showcase the vast diversity of hummingbird species, our collection is growing momen-tum, offering our supporters a range of unique designs within a single collection.

Our steadfast commitment to Daughters for Earth and Zainab propels our collaborative efforts forward, providing wearers with a meaningful way to express their support for climate change initiatives."

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