Together, Surya and the Moon represent jewelry as life force – mirroring the eternal cycle of the sun and the moon.

Our Story

When Sneha’s mother, Swapna Kulkarni, passed away, her dear friend Keri become the chosen partner in the a yet to be discovered journey. Keri listened and learned as Sneha went through treasure boxes from Swapna’s estate in India, unearthing a lifetime of legacy jewelry. Each of the hundreds of pieces unleashed stories of life, love and passion but, more importantly, it sparked a new idea and gave way for a one-of-a-kind brand to be born. The stories Sneha shared that day were from her mother and great-grandmother’s lives, told through gems and gold, and passed into modern day through Sneha and Keri’s rediscovery.


Originally from Mumbai, India near the western coasts of Maharashtra, Sneha grew up as the only girl in her family. In traditional Indian culture, families honor their children by investing in higher education, elite healthcare, and fine jewelry. While Sneha knew jewelry was always an important part of her Indian heritage and culture, it wasn’t until her mother’s passing that she learned the significance and deep meaning each piece had to her family. To her, it’s more than the gemstones, and precious metals – it’s about the stories each piece holds and the legacy that lives on from generation to generation.


As a native of New York, Keri grew up with a traditional family upbringing. Throughout her life, Keri’s parents always gave her and her sister jewelry for milestone moments in their lives, which transformed into a meaningful collection representing the happiest of memories. Keri’s background in high fashion retail adds a modern touch to Surya and the Moon’s traditional Indian jewelry pieces, making them more wearable for our generation and those to come. Just like her own beloved collection, Keri hopes to keep every family’s heritage alive through the creation of future heirlooms with Surya and the Moon.


Surya means sun in Sanskrit. SUN IS CONSTANT, it's always there, at the center of our creation - making this our heritage collection. You will always find our tradition-inspired jewelry in this collection, allowing you to relive special moments from the past, just as the seven rays of Surya become seven lives - and it is here that Indian mythology tell us we reach nirvana. MOON IS EVER-EVOLVING. It shifts in color, shape, size, brightness- making this our featured and custom collections. This continuous evolution allows us space for being more creative-- inspired by both the natural beauty and the unique flaws in different gems, we bring to life an ever-so-changing collection. Here you will find – and create – one of a kind pieces Together, Surya and the Moon represents Sneha and Keri’s effort to create vessels for life’s greatest experience, enabling them to be passed on from one generation to the next.


We vow to always source quality - whether through class or rarity – our gems, stones and metals are the finest available. Craftsmanship is our North Star. We commit both time and resources into working with artisans who carry tradition and talent though generations of expertise. With a desire to propel stories from past to present, we promise our jewelry and its energies will carry your history for generations to come.