Surya And The Moon

Signature Surya Earring


The original Suryas are inspired by the heirloom earrings that Sneha inherited upon her mother’s passing. Handed down for generations, Sneha watched as the women in her family wore these very earrings. Inspired by their beauty and significance, Keri and Sneha decided to recreate these pieces with a fresh point of view.

Surya is known as the Sun and solar deity in Hinduism. The Sun God, Surya, is often depicted riding a chariot harnessed by seven horses, which represent seven colors of visible light, seven days of the week and seven lives to reach Nirvana. The seven points on these earrings pay homage to Surya and the light he brings, allowing us to see the blessings before us.

Size: 20mm

White Sapphires

18k Gold

Gross weight:6.3g

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