Celestial Designs

[originally posted in Hamptons Magazine]


The mystical realm of Hindi philosophy, the concept of seven incarnations under the sun creates an extraordinary opportunity for every person to transcend their past on the spiritual journey to enlightenment.


Serving as metaphors, these incarnations represent the stages one must pass through in the process of karma purification and the ultimate liberation of the soul. Embracing this cosmic quest for self-discovery, Sneha Calarese, the visionary co-founder of Surya and the Moon (suryaandthemoonjewels.com), uses fine jewelry as her medium to share her family's compelling history and values rooted in Hindu ideals.


An accomplished reconstructive plastic surgeon, Calarese possesses boundless creativity and compassion for humanity.  Following the passing of her mother, she embarked on a heartfelt exploration of her Indian heritage. Her mother's remarkable life defied ambition, as she earned four PhDs and advocated for women's rights in India through various media platforms. Her mother truly embodied the qualities of a warrior fighting for gender and social equality.


During this exploration, Calarese formed a deep attachment to her mother's Surya earrings, handcrafted by generational artisans using the finest gemstones and gold. This attachment served as the inspiration for Surya and the Moon, a fine jewelry collection that would embody her mother's courageous essence. "Surya refers to the sun and holds immense significance as a divine deity," states Calarese. "It is the source of light, energy and life-not unlike my mother."


Driven by a profound desire to impart the wisdom encapsulated by both the radiant incarnations under its illuminating rays, Calarese joined forces with her beloved friend Keri Clavin to create wearable works of art that transcend time.


The Surya and the Moon collection highlights the convergence of the seven rays on the Surva and the seven earthly incarnations of humanity symbolizing a union of ancestral legacies. "My mother's karma of love and goodness, her 'good credit,' is perpetuated through my jewelry explains Calarese. " As I witness others embracing it, I observe the profound impact of her altruism." 


The celestial designs of Surya and the Moon and the profound stories behind each piece have caught the attention of influential figures in the fashion industry, including Beth Buccini at Kima Zabête in East Hampton. As the collection continues to garner recognition, Calarese and Clavin remain committed to preserving the quality, heritage and wisdom that served as their initial inspiration.


*Each of our pieces serves as a tangible reminder of the love, support and strength that have been passed down from generation to generation," affirms Clavin. "Our jewelry becomes a conduit, creating a beautiful tapestry of interconnectednes.


View our Surya Collection here.