In collaboration with the renowned designer Keren Craig, we debuted our new collection at New York Fashion Week. Our collection is designed to enhance the Nidra Devi 2024 Fall/Winter Collection, featuring Trompe L’oeil techniques and frayed organza.

Our signature SURYA earrings, now adorned with playful tassels, pearls, and onyx, are set in white sapphires and black diamonds, symbolizing a celebration of movement and uplifting the spirit. The collection showcases exquisite Indian craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, honoring the artistry of creation. Each piece is designed to express and celebrate individual identity.

We invite you to explore this fusion of tradition and innovation, where both clothing and jewelry act as mediums for personal expression and stand as a testament to the limitless potential of design.

Surya and the Moon stands for heritage

Surya and the Moon was born from a desire to celebrate the preciousness of memories, inspired by cultural and generational lineages -- resulting in extraordinary heirlooms for modern collectors. Juxtaposing traditionalism with modernity, our fine jewelry allows the past to move beautifully into the future. We are the light with the dark. We are both precious and strong. We are complex yet effortless.

The Hummingbird Effect Collection

We've partnered with Daughters for Earth, a fund and movement dedicated to supporting and celebrating women-led climate actions.

The Hummingbird Effect collection features limited-edition pieces inspired by hummingbirds and crafted in 18k gold. Together, we harness the power of collective action, encouraging everyone to take small yet meaningful steps towards positive change. We believe that even the slightest contribution can make a profound difference.

The collection includes a single gold stud, enamel earrings adorned with white sapphires, and a hand-painted medallion enriched with blue sapphires. Fifty percent of the proceeds benefit Daughters for Earth.

Learn more about Daughters for Earth