Surya And The Moon

Diamond and Emerald Polki Tennis bracelet


Our take on the classic tennis bracelet using polki diamonds.  Inherited from the Mughals who once ruled parts of Northern India- a polki diamond is raw, uncut and unpolished, following the lines of the rough diamond.  It is one of the oldest forms of cut diamonds and was used long before faceting. Instead of relying on cleaving, sawing or other techniques to shape the jewel, polki cut diamonds are unfaceted, giving the diamonds a softer sheen and natural brilliance.

Appropriately, we have paired these diamonds with emeralds, whose mythological meaning is “the green of growing things.” A bracelet that showcases the beauty of the human spirit as it evolves through time, where imperfections only add to its value.

10 pc polki 2.04 karats

Full cut diamonds .61 karats

10pcs of emeralds 6.72 karat

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